5th Grade Class
Instructor: Ms. Dana Glasgow   
Week of 12/11
Students will continue to read and learn about Advent and the meanings of the candles. They will work on Reading Skills practices to help build comprehension, synonym/antonym, dictionary, and analogy skills and to prepare for the ACT Aspire testing.

Our class's Happy Birthday Jesus party will be Friday from 10:00 until noon. Please see the flyer that was sent in an email. Students must be picked up by noon. There is no aftercare.
Week of 12/4
English - Students will quiz on possessive noun formation on Monday. They will continue working with possessive nouns and test next week. Students will read and write about Advent. Wordly Wise 10 is due Thursday. Spelling and vocabulary tests will be Friday.

Reading - Students will finish reading The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and watch a movie on it. They will do a compare/contrast of the book to the movie.
Week of 11/27
English - Students will continue working with the possessive form of nouns. Wordly Wise 9 is due Thursday. Spelling and Vocabulary test Friday.

Reading - Students will begin reading The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and discuss story elements and the theme of Mercy throughout the story.
Week of 11/13
English - Students will work on possessive nouns. Wordly Wise 8 is due Thursday. Test will be Friday.

Reading - Students will continue working on an essay on Maniac Magee.

Concessions money for Friday's basketball game is due Wednesday. Denim Day is Friday benefitting the HIV/Aids Ministry.
Week of 11/06
English - Students will practice with infinitives. Test on Wednesday on parts of speech with imperative sentences. Wordly Wise 7 due Thursday and test Friday. Spelling test only will be Wednesday so there is more than one spelling grade on progress reports.

Reading - Students will complete Maniac Magee and test on it. They will also have a writing assignment.

50% of AR due Wednesday.
Progress reports go home Wednesday.
Daily Language Reviews
Please note that DLR's were graded for completion the first 9 weeks in order to practice with basic Language Arts skills. Students were notified that they would now be graded for accuracy the second 9 weeks and will be done in class. These are basic grammar and sentence structure skills that have been covered and reviewed for years (capitalization, punctuation, complete sentence, synonyms, antonyms, etc.). They are still only counted as a daily grade, which is only 20% of their grade.
Week of 10/30
English - Students will continue practicing on imperative sentences and start infinitives. We will have our field trip Thursday to the DeSoto County Museum. All field trip forms and money are due by Tuesday.

Reading - Students will continue reading and summarizing chapters from Maniac Magee. We discuss story elements as well as how the story reflects our school and Catholic theme of Mercy.
2nd Nine Weeks AM/AR
Students should now be working on the their second quarter AM/AR goals. Our % checkpoint days are as follows:

Wednesday 10/25 - 25% of both goals
Wednesday 11/8 - 50% of both goals
Wednesday 11/29 - 75% of both goals
Wednesday 12/13 - 100% of both goals
Wordly Wise 2nd 9 Weeks
WW6 - due 10/16 test 10/27
WW7 - due 11/09 test 11/10
WW8 - due 11/16 test 11/17
WW9 - due 11/30 test 12/01
WW10 - due 12/07 test 12/08

Students should be reading over the vocabulary words, definitions, and examples daily for the week of the test. They should look at the part of speech and relate the definition to the example sentence. Reading out loud is best for studying because it engages three parts of the brain instead of just one.

Students should also use the website www.wordlywise3000.com if they need extra help.
Reading and AR
We use Accelerated Reading at Sacred Heart to help improve reading skills. AR goals are set in my classroom based on individual reading levels. I allow students to read any book they choose, as long as it is within their ZPD range. Reading of any kind continues to develop fluency and comprehension. Students are allowed to use apps like "Audible" in order to listen to a book as they are reading. Please note, students MUST have the book in front of them to follow along, whether it is a paperback or e-reader. The whole goal is to increase READING skills. Following along with audible narration models fluency and intonation. However, just listening to a book on "tape" is NOT reading, therefore, not improving reading skills. Students are allowed to bring e-readers to school for reading purposes (Kindles, tablets, etc. - not phones) as long as they have headphones.

Happy Reading!
Spelling Help App
Anyone interested in spelling help, there is a free app called Vocabulary Spelling City. You need to create an account online at http://www.spellingcity.com then you can upload your spelling words into the app.

Image result for vocabulary spelling city app
Welcome to 5th Grade Language Arts! This year we will be focusing on grammar, writing, and reading. Most of the grammar and writing will be done in class and the reading will be done independently at home. Each child is required to read at least 20 minutes for homework every night, seven days a week (or an average of 20 minutes daily). We will have Spelling and Wordly Wise vocabulary tests every Friday and grammar tests randomly throughout the units. Please sign up for my text message Remind notifications so you are aware of important information for class. I hope you have a great year!

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